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    Are you looking to get started in becoming physically stronger?

    Most already have a general understanding of what it is to go to the gym and lift weights.

    But are you getting stronger?

    If not, then you'd benefit from simply focusing on strength training, which will have you become much much stronger in as little as 45-60minutes per session with 3-4 sessions per week, simple!

    Sign up to start your best journey into becoming stronger and your strongest and of course, with improved strength comes lean definition and muscle mass!

    With Frame Recomposition, you'll be well on your way to improved Body Composition, Strength and Power, and best of all, boosted Confidence!


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    Put my online platform to good use and use it as your fitness and health hub, Right in your pocket!


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  • Home Workouts for you!

    Who says you can't enjoy Fitness from the comfort of your own home? At liFt-100, Tristrum Bolton has all kinds of workouts, plans, and regimes for your Fitness goals, that are tailored for home Fitness, including

    Virtual Coaching


    Exercise samples, and features, you'll have everything you need.


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Become Confident!

Lift your self-confidence up and say hello to a fitter and healthier you. LiFt-100 has bespoke fitness and personal training offerings — designed just for you. Check them out today. Download the app!

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