• Gym Workouts for you!

    Are you looking for a new workout to add to your already established or maybe not so established gym routine? Are you bored of just sitting at weight machines expending time rather than energy not seeing results? Then i have the perfect gym fitness plans for you! Whether it be for strength, power, lean definition, 8 pack abs, athletisism, competition, give LiFt-100 a shot.

    Prices start from £40 and increase based on duration, improving in value!

  • Home Workouts for you!

    Who says you cant enjoy Fitness from the comfort of your own home? At liFt-100, i Tristrum Bolton have all kinds of workouts, plans and regimes for your Fitness goals, that are tailored for home Fitness, including live sessions, virtual coaching, nutritional advice, follow along videos and excersise samples and many more effective features, youll have everything you need to crush it at home and have fun!

    Prices start from £40 and increase based on duration, improving in value!

  • Groups of 2-10

    Take your fitness journey to a whole new level of fun with a shared fitness experience with your buddies.

    For up to ten buddies youll have a workout plan and tailored schedule, nutritional guidance, online and face to face coaching, online checkins for progress tracking, video demonstrations and excersise videos, and much more within the app, did i also mention you'd see results and hit your fitness goals faster aswell? You and your buddies willl recieve all this within one affordable payment within the app, so the more people that join your experience, the more affordable it becomes for each person!

    Come on then grab some buddies and lets get started.

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Become Confident!

Lift your self-confidence up and say hello to a fitter and healthier you. LiFt-100 has bespoke fitness and personal training offerings — designed just for you. Check them out today. Download the app!

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